Beatrix: A Malicious Code Analysis Framework

Beatrix: A Malicious Code Analysis Framework

Beatrix is the project which evolved in the course of my master's thesis. It provides a platform for developing prototypes for new approaches in the field of malicious code detection.
The framework introduces a plug-in infrastructure which breaks down the tasks of malware detection/ classification to disjoint categories. By doing this, a developer is able to work and research on specific subtasks only. Because of the capability to reuse existing (third party) plug-ins, only partial implementations have to be provided, in order to gain completely new detectors.
Beatrix Project consists of two major components: the Beatrix Detector and the Beatrix IDE. Both are based on the Beatrix Framework which intern makes use of so-called Beatrix Modules.
To achieve good portability for the stand-alone detector as well as the IDE, the framework is built on the Eclipse Platform. Therefore, Beatrix already offers a huge potential of extensibility and constant improvements regarding the underlying platform and windowing system.

Beatrix is written in the Java programming language and is distributed under the terms of the GPL v2 (+ a so-called classpath exception). The complete project and its source codes are available from the Sourceforge project page or the corresponding project website.
A more detailed insight into the design and the implementation of the project and the way how to contribute and create modules is given by my master's thesis.


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