Coco/R Development Tools

Coco/R Development Tools

As part of my bachelor's thesis I developed the Coco/R Development Tools. This tool set is a number of plug-ins for the Eclipse Platform which aim at integrating the compiler generator Coco/R into the well known IDE.
The main tasks of my work were, on the one hand, the utilization and integration of the compiler generator Coco/R as seamless as possible into Eclipse's builder concept and, on the other hand, the creation of according editing tools.
Especially combining the functionality of Coco/R with another piece of software turned out to be fairly tricky. The compiler generator was not intended to be used other than as stand-alone application. In cooperation with the development team of the Coco/R project we were able to bypass these obstacles.
The editing tools support the most common feature which one is used to have in IDEs as, for instance, the Eclipse Java Development Tools: syntax highlighting, folding of productions, Hyperlink navigation, keyword completion with a content assistant etc.

The Coco/R Development Tools are written in Java programming language and are distributed under the terms of the GPL v2. Recently two students of the Johannes Kepler University of Linz started to extend my work in the course of their bachelor's theses. For that reason we created a Sourceforge project page in order to bring together our efforts. At the moment we are only using the SVN repository of, but hopefully we can start announcing regular releases again soon.


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