The netOdrom application was initially developed for a public event - Lange Nacht der Forschung (Long Night of Science) - on Oktober 1st 2005. It was designed to demonstrate a variety of algorithms in the field of Networked Virtual Environments. The application is a networked simulation of fictional motor-race. What looks like a game demonstrates a physics engine, swarming algorithms, particle systems and a variety of modelling techniques. from vrc@jku (2005)
Stephan Reiter and I were responsible for the particle system of the Net'O'Drom application. Due to the fact that, for me, this project was one of the very few side-trips to computer graphics, it was fun to meet my limits, and especially it was amazing to work in a team with Stephan who is really into computer graphics and knows his stuff very well.
Our library libosgparticles is based on the OpenSG scenegraph system and was used for visualizing, among other things, the rubber band which connects the racing car. The actual effects are specified using a XML configuration file which declares the behavior and properties of the individual emitters and the appearance of their particles over time. For parsing the configuration we utilized Xerces-C++ parser.

libosgparticles and its sample applications are available under the terms of the BSD License.


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